Repair Tips

1966 Corvette Damaged A Frames

These are bent A frames from a 1966 Corvette. Check out the photos below should you ever decide to change out your A frames.  

How to Replace C4 Corvette Outer Window Seals With Ease

Doors of Perception John Gilbert Oct 14, 2015 Share View Full Gallery There’s an old saying journeymen car painters pass on to the new kids entering the trade, and that’s, if nothing else, make sure the driver door and the top of the hood look good. That’s a bit of advice I’d like to share with anyone that owns a 1984-’96 C4 Corvette. Whether you’re going to sell the car or you intend to...

Here’s the Cure for Creaking C4 Corvettes: Vette2Vette’s C4 No Flex Kit

No Flex M’lady: This Easy Install Expels C4 Shakes, Rattles and Rolls John Gilbert Nov 17, 2017 Share View Full Gallery The C4 No Flex kit from Vette2Vette looks simple enough that an offshore knock-off artist could reproduce a reasonable facsimile, but a counterfeit kit couldn’t be installed as easy, or work as well. An observation we formed after this installation was completed and the car road tested. The C4 No Flex kit installed...

NCRS Corvette Rear Spring Comparison Seminar

In this NCRS seminar on April 29, 2012; a MI Chapter NCRS member, Jeff Salz, discusses a comparison of original Corvette rear springs with aftermarket replacements.

Change a Heater Core C3

Here we are replacing the heater core on our 1974 Corvette. This is a non AC version. Everyone told me that you can only replace the heater core from inside the car and the Dash and other parts must come out causing this to be a 6-8 hour or more job. This is typical with most cars as it is true, the Dash must come out along with many other parts making it not...