How The 2023 Corvette C8 Z06 Is Made

We take a trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to explain how the C8 Corvette is made. With help from Engineering and factory, we detail the complexity of modern assembly, supply chain, and how American manufacturing is alive and well. The business and finance of dedicated sports cars is always a complex topic. However, the mid-engine Corvette is a rare success story. Fans of all brands ranging from Ferrari, Porsche, Ford, Toyota, and BMW will learn something in this video. #cars #technology #howto

Index: 00:00 Intro – What to Expect 1:16 Always More to the Story 2:38 The People Behind the Car 6:27 Rare Experience to Buy a Z06 7:37 Explaining the Assembly Process 12:09 Complexity and Supply Chain 13:55 Assembly vs. Manufacturing 16:42 The Many Trim Options 21:19 Building the Car vs. Engineering 22:22 Understanding Build Times and Speed 24:11 Different Varients, Different Issues 26:40 Making Things Easier To Build 28:07 Engine Building Z06 and Sting Ray 29:45 Understanding Engine Break-in and Dyno 32:31 Building the LT6 34:50 Rare Manufacturing and People 36:08 Conclusions and Take Aways 38:07 Doing a lot with a Little, Support SavageGeese