Barn Find Rare 1963 Corvette Split Window sitting since 72 *1 of 5 Split Window Buys of Feb 2021*

This is 1 of the 5 1963 Corvette Split Window’s we found and bought the month of February 2021! If you look, I actually have a black split window in the trailer when loading this car, I bought both of them in Michigan the same day in February this year… I will post the video on the black car next… so please like, share and subscribe for more content like this!

This is a complete survivor #barnfind / #garagefind that had been sitting on jackstands in the same spot since 1972. My spotter found it back in the early 80’s and offered to help the previous owner get it back on the road, but he said he was going to do it on his own. Fast forward to end of January 2021 he called him and asked if he ever got around to fixing it and if he would be interested in selling it. Long story short, the previous owner never did anything with it, and we ended up buying it and bringing it back to life! These are all the video clips I took along the way.