October 3, 2021 Tobay Beach Car Show

I would like to first thank John Romano for taking his time and effort in putting together the beautiful pictures and video of the longest caravan the club has ever had in 26 years. The second thanks goes to our members and friends from the Vintage Chevrolet Club who participated in the event with us. The show for us was a great success because the caravan to the show was one that everyone who was in it loved the fact they we were all together in year order driving to the show. One of our members Danny C said he felt he was driving back in time in the 1960’s. The cars who drove along side of us had their cell phones out their windows filming and waving to the entire caravan. The cars ranged from a 1937 Chevrolet sedan to a 1969 Z/28 302 Crossram Camaro in the metal cars. Following were the Corvettes that started with a 1954 – 1957 then 1963 -2020. It was something that would have never happened if it weren’t for the members and friends of the VCCA. In total we had (44) cars that participated. We also want to thank Johnny V with is 1963 split that (Seinfeld drove) who drove all the way from Connecticut and Steve P for driving his 1993 anniversary coupe from South Jersey. Our third thanks goes to the Town of Oyster Bay for all of their support and friendship to the club.