Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah 2020

The Times We Live In

© Timothy Halliday

At the minute, times are tough.
The self-isolation can be rough.
Day after day, night after night.
The future unfolding is not so bright.
The world seems so strange, just not the same.
It feels so detached; it’s such a shame.
This can’t be it; there’s got to be more.
We’ve got to reset; we’ve got to restore.
The world’s in bad shape, but it’s not the end.
Be there for one another; try to be a good friend.
At the minute, yes, times are tough,
But if we stick together, it can be enough.
Give encouragement and show our support.
By showing love to all, we cannot fall short.
Yes, the world’s in bad shape, and yes, it’s strange,
But together we can beat this; only together we can change.
So no matter how bad things seem to be,
If we are in it together, it’s not that bad; I think you’ll agree.
We need to be patient; we need to be kind.
If we do it this together, true joy we can find
So once again our future looks bright.
Together we’ll get through this; the end is in sight,
So don’t get upset; just smile or grin
‘Cause these are the times we find ourselves living in…