Company Releases Lambo Door Kit For 2020 Corvette C8

Sam McEachern — May 11, 2020

The mid-engine Corvette C8 appears more like an exotic vehicle than any of the Vettes that have preceded it. While car enthusiasts will certainly know a Corvette C8 when they see one, we wouldn’t be surprised if some less informed folks mistake the C8 for a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

For those owners who want to lean into the exotic look of the Corvette C8 even more – and perhaps fool even more people into thinking the car is a Lamborghini – there is aftermarket company Vertical Doors Inc. The latter has released its new Lamborghini door kit for the Corvette C8, which gives the mid-engine sports car a pair of look-at-me scissor doors similar to supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador.

This $2,899 kit includes two gas shocks, two vertical door hinges and all necessary hardware to properly install them on the Corvette C8. The kits are not yet in production, with Vertical Doors Inc. only taking pre-orders at this time, but the finished product should begin to ship shortly.

If Corvette C8 owners don’t want to install the hinges themselves or find their own shop to install the kit after purchasing, they can also hire Eikōn Motorsports in Scottsdale, Arizona to install them. The entire kit including installation will cost $4,300. Vertical Doors Inc. is based in Lake Elsinore, California, located just south of Los Angeles.

This kit is also entirely reversible, so anyone who may regret converting their regular Corvette doors into Lamborghini-style scissor doors can simply throw the old hinges back on to return the vehicle back to normal.

This scissor door kit is definitely not a cheap modification, but for some people, it’s hard to place a monetary value on impressing their friends and neighbors. While most people would rather spend $4,300 on engine or suspension upgrades to improve the Corvette C8’s performance, there are always those who place value on style over function.

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