Chris Mazzilli – 1964 Impala SS Story


Angelo Mazzilli with his (second) 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS. Still image from video below.

You may remember friend-of-Hemmings Chris Mazzilli, who’s exhibited his own Corvettes at our concours d’elegance, as one of the team members behind the restoration of the VH-1 Peter Max Corvettes by Corvette Heroes. Chris’s shop, Dream Car Restorations New York, spends much of its time tracking down cars for its clients, a business that came about because of a very special Father’s Day gift Chris once presented to his own dad, Angelo.

Chris’s earliest car-related memories revolved around a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, the car that carried him home from the hospital and for decades served as his dad’s automotive pride and joy. Hard times forced the family to sell the car, a move that Angelo would spend years regretting. Much later, after Chris had achieved a level of success on his own, he was able to track down a near-identical match (vinyl top excluded) to the Impala SS his family once owned, ultimately leading to a change, or perhaps more accurately, a slight revision, in his own career.

This short video tells Chris’s story, and seemed particularly appropriate for airing today.