SEMA 2013: Forgiato Unveils Teal C7 Widebody

SEMA hasn’t even actually started yet and I’ve already been blown away by this thing. It’s, uh, unique. Whether or not that’s a good unique or a bad unique depends on your tastes. If you’re a function over form type person… This might not be your cup of tea.


Forgiato C7 widebody
Teal, clearly, is not one of the traditional Corvette colors. Also, those massive wheels don’t look like they’d be the best idea for a race track. Last time I checked, smoked out tails don’t add extra hp. But this is SEMA, not the Nurburgring. For the first aftermarket wide-body C7 anywhere… I gotta say, it looks pretty cool. If anything it’s an absolute one-of-a-kind.